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Namesimon paul
SubjectLooking for a Job
MessageI have a baic technician certificate of community development , also i working in different organization us a volunteer ( At TRA Sumbawanga and SUWASA Sumbawanga.
Copy of MessageI have a baic technician certificate of community development , also i working in different organization us a volunteer ( At TRA Sumbawanga and SUWASA Sumbawanga.




- Kijana umri miaka 21
-Elimu kidato cha nne

-Uzoefu wa kazi ,
1.Kuuza duka la gas
2.Kuuza wa duka la spare za pikipiki

-Ujuzi nilionao - Kutengeneza pikipiki na ujuzi wa vifaa vyake
- Kuendesha pikipiki aina zote
- Ujuzi katika mauzo ya spare za pikipiki

MAWASILIANO -0625575316



My name is Nasra Mbwambo,I am an energetic and motivated young lady holding a bachelor degree in human resources from reputable institution here in Tanzania .I have a minimum experience during my field of my course .I need any job that can sustain my living it can be either supervision, administering ,in any career like a company , restaurant, supermarket, and etc  I am available for opportunities outside Arusha but near Arusha like Dodoma or Tanga  kindly reach me through my number 0743427450,Or 0654772912 and my Email address is nasrambwambo281@gmail.com


I am a  26 yrs lady based in Arusha , I graduated with  forestry diploma  and Hotel management certificate. I have experience in reception and reservation looking for job opportunities in Hotel, shops, supermarket, sales, shop, boutique and any that fits  my qualification

I am honesty, trustworthy, hard working , team player, fast learner and  a good communicator

I am available for opportunities outside Arusha too,  like in DODOMA,TANGA,ETC

Kindly reach me through  0757  068  413   (on what’s App too) or  0656 701 435  and send me email via    wahdaedward2@gmail.com

I am available

Thank you in advance for reaching out


Name: Hiskeodetha Ibahati Daniel
Email: danielhiskeodetha@gmail.com
Phone: 0629962835
Location: Mbezi (mpiji magoe)

I am looking for Entry Level Job, I have never been in any job but I have been practicing on different activities like designing materials, and also presenting speeches in different ways 

Featured Job Seeker
NameUmmusalama Meena
SubjectLooking for a Job
MessageI am looking for a bachelor of banking and finance job


Featured Job Seeker:
NameVeronice Mwanga
SubjectLooking for a Job
MessageI'm looking for job , Types of jobs i am looking are:
Customer Service job
Office assistant job


Featured Job Seeker:

Naitwa Khalidy Nassoro

Elimu yangu: Form Four

Umri wangu: 24

Natafuta kazi yoyote house boy ,dukani,hotelini na n.k

Nipo: Morogoro

Namba yangu: 0786637743

Featured Job Seeker:

Ninaitwa:  Issah Mkomelow,

Ninatafuta ajira.

Naweza kufanya kazi dukani, ofisi na kampuni yoyote kulingana na Kazi ntakayopangiwa

Mawasiliano ni 0783121523